Our destination programs are perfect for any type of business or community organization interested in knowing how the lodging in their resorts is collectively performing. Destination marketing organizations and municipalities of the premier destination resorts in North America rely on our comprehensive data collection and information services for everything from tracking and comparing reservation activity and staffing decisions to measuring the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and events. Our data encompasses all types of properties including property management companies and the vacation rental inventory prevalent in many destination resort communities, giving destinations a more complete overview of transient lodging activity, and with it, the ability to better understand the related tourism impacts. Below are several destination-wide programs that will provide your community with the data needed to make intelligent decisions regarding the future of your resort.

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Measuring a Destination's Collective Peformance

Measuring Success

Our foundational product, Reservation Activity Outlook, is focused on tracking reservation activity (past and present) and sets the stage for measuring performance in any destination. These detailed reports gauge occupancy, average daily rate and RevPAR at the destination-level, showing data for the previous six months as well as the upcoming six months. For more detailed information, please click below:

Reservation Activity Outlook Sample Report

The E.K.G. of your Destination


Designed to take the pulse of your destination, our Daily Occupancy Report (DOR) zeros in on occupancy at the daily level. Professionals throughout your destination will rely on the DOR to pinpoint peak periods of demand. Marketers can better refine and target campaigns, restaurants can create staff schedules and resort retailers can order inventory based on the peaks and valleys portrayed in the DOR.

Daily Occupancy Report Sample Report

How do you stack up to the competition?

Chess Pieces

It’s survival of the fittest in today’s tourism industry and knowing how you stack up to the competition is more important than ever. We pride ourselves on empowering destinations to compare themselves to their competitors. We work with 30 different destinations in North America and can provide comparative evaluations to individual destinations, competitive sets or the whole DestiMetrics “universe”. As part of the DestiMetrics family of Reservation Activity reports, most destination subscribers across the country rely on the Multi Destination Comparative report (MDC) to benchmark their performance against their competition and get a better gauge on their current market share.

Multi Destination Comparative Sample Report

Transient Inventory Study

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DestiMetric’s Transient Inventory Study¬†creates a census of transient lodging inventory in your destination region by inventorying the quantity and type of lodging available to transient vacation guests. Knowing how much and what kinds of units and pillows are available for short-term rental within a destination is essential to a wide range of sectors, such as municipalities and destination marketing organizations who need to plan for the future and attract the right type of guest for their product. It is also an important baseline for lodging performance research programs and to understand the changing lodging capacity and hot beds available in a destination.

Transient Inventory Study Sample Report

Anticipating High Demand Periods

Family Sking

School break time traditionally means vacation time. For vacation destinations, school breaks must be carefully monitored, since they usually correspond with higher demand and subsequent visitation. Our School Break Report helps you do just that, providing all the information you need to know to maximize these peak demand periods. Our extensive database includes the dates of major school break periods from almost public school districts and 300 four-year colleges and universities across the country. We combine this broad geographic view into an easy-to-read graph highlighting the key times schools are out during the year. In addition, each report comes with supporting tables of further details, like yearly enrollment and location (city/state) of each school district or college/university, helping you zero in on specific markets. Results are published in a sneak peek in March and full report in June depicting the break calendar for the following year.

School Break Report Sample Report

Understanding Your Guests' Demographics

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The Guest Profiler is a dynamic reporting tool that provides a snapshot of where your guests are coming from, what their demographic profiles are, when they’re arriving and how long they’re staying. But really, there’s much more to it than that. The Profiler represents a fundamental shift in not only the type of data we provide you, but also the way you interact with our findings, allowing you to run your own reports, filter data for your own needs and do so as often as you like. Here’s how it works:


Guest Profiler

Custom & Speciality Reports

We know that every business’ needs are different. Here’s a sampling of custom and specialty reports we’ve done for our clients:

  • Market Share Report
  • Vacation Rental By Owner Analysis
  • Retail Sales Tax Proxy
  • Regional Economic Indicators & Analysis for Municipalities