The foundation of our FactBase programs is consistent and accurate data. Our destination wide programs are fueled by data submissions from various lodging properties within a resort/destination. How do we get them on board, you might ask? We follow the process below with the help of our client and/or a community organization. This process has been followed many times and has been proven to be successful in a variety of destinations that include all types of properties and property managers, such as hotel chains and independently owned and operated hotels/motels, as well as property management companies (who manage private homes & condominiums), bed & breakfasts and other alternative accommodations.

Where We Start

To establish a travel research program in a given destination, community buy-in is key. We typically work through the local destination marketing organization, or in some cases, the town government or attraction/ski company who has long established relationships with their lodging community. With the help of these organizations, we reach out to lodging outlets, from large hotels and condominiums to property management companies and to garner their support and participation. We provide supporting information and training to help properties understand the submission process and the benefits of their participation.

How We Gather Data

First we collect a one-time historical dataset and then each month these lodging properties submit their advanced reservation data to us via a secure web portal. We vet the data and produce a variety of reports designed to give a detailed picture of the lodging community collective performance for the past, present and future. When combining individual property data to build a destination-wide view, individual property data is always kept completely confidential. Our unique reporting methods include reservations on the books, which provide insight in to how the forward-looking dates are performing. Our standardized metrics have been created to accommodate any type of property.

What We Do With It

Once this data is collected, many different report options are available for both destinations and properties. Destination level aggregated reports paint a picture of a destination’s lodging performance for six months in the past, as well as six months into the future, which are depicted in comprehensive report sets. Tabular and graphical representations are provided for industry experts as well as dashboard views for higher level interpretation. Reports are posted to the DestiMetrics web portal and are made available to those who are granted permission.

Putting the Data to Work

Results are powerful and can shed light on many things, such as how a destination is performing year over year and against their competitors, if increases/decreases in lodging tax collections are the result of changes in occupancy or rate, or if a particular event produced overnight visitation, to name a few. In addition, DestiMetrics data can aid in intelligent decision making so that marketers, for example, can better refine and target campaigns, restaurants can create staff schedules and resort retailers can order inventory based on occupancy peaks and valleys. DestiMetrics data is frequently presented at meetings of community marketing committees, town councils, economic development advisory councils, and chamber annual meetings as well as many high caliber industry events.

How We Help You

As a small and very nimble company, we are always looking for ways to help communities make informed decisions about their future. As we expand into beach destinations we are continually finding new ways that our clients use our products and services and look forward to working with all types and sizes of destinations. Please contact us to let us know how we can start this process in your community.