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Prop Comp Reports

Wondering how your property stacks up to the competition?  Need proof that you’re under or over performing other properties and your overall destination?  Our Property Comparative (a.k.a. Prop Comp) reports are invaluable when it comes to measuring key performance metrics.  Plus they include forward-looking data and accommodate non-hotel properties unlike other property benchmarking reports, such as the STAR Report.

What you ought to know…

About Your Property’s Pacing

In most industries, the ability to change (and do so quickly) is the key to success! Hospitality is no different. Pace – the rate at which reservations are made for a particular date – is important to control and also to monitor.

Why? Because if you can see a pattern forming as reservations build for a certain date, weekend, week or even an entire month, this can be immensely helpful when it comes to accurately projecting demand and therefore revenue in future. By looking forward, properties can pre-empt a noticeable change in bookings and compare that change to the rest of the industry, their destination and/or their competitive set to make smarter decisions about their strategies with the ultimate aim of maximizing revenue.

May we suggest…

Prop Pack Annual Subscriptions

As we work with properties to help them better understand their performance, we’ve found that a combination of seasonal, monthly & daily reports with comparisons to multiple datasets, provides the most value. We’ve bundled several reports together in “Prop Packs” that offer a value pricing for multiple reports that are purchased together. There are three packages that offer the perfect amount of insight for you and your revenue management needs.

3 Pack

The most popular and basic pack…


Property vs. Comp Set

Monthly Data | Produced Monthly

This report compares your property’s performance to that of a comp set of your choice.

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Benchmarking Index

Monthly Data | Produced Seasonally

This report indexes your occupancy, ADR and RevPAR against your 2007 (pre-recession) performance.

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Totem Poll

Monthly Data | Produced Seasonally

A ranking of your Property’s Year over Year change in RevPAR against the industry and the other properties in your destination.

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5 Pack

Everything in the 3 Pack, plus…


Property vs. Destination

Daily Data | Produced Quarterly

Presented in the format of our Daily Occupancy Report, this report compares daily occupancy of your property to your destination.

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Property vs. Self

Monthly Data | Produced Monthly

Presented in our standard RAO format, this report includes a comparison of your property’s year over year occupancy, ADR and RevPAR for the past 6 months and the forward-looking 6 months.

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6 Pack

Everything in the 5 Pack, plus…


Property vs. Comp Set

Daily Data | Produced Quarterly

Daily Occupancy Report that compares the daily occupancy of your property to the aggregate performance of a comp set of your choice.

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Build A Custom Report

Select one item from each step to build a report that accommodates your needs.

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