Reservation Activity Outlook

The Reservation Activity Outlook (RAO) is the best indicator of guest booking trends currently available to resort destinations. It tracks detailed destination wide lodging activity as well as advanced reservations for both hotel and non-hotel properties, such as condominiums and private homes, which are very prevalent in resort communities. It allows destinations to evaluate their performance in the past, present and future. Read More 

Product Overview

We identify a representative set of properties in your destination and help you recruit them to submit their data each month. These participating properties will submit their data to us using our secure web portal to ensure confidentiality. We vet and aggregate the data and produce reports showing your destination-wide performance. Individual property data is kept strictly confidential and remains indistinguishable when combined into a destination-level view.

The Results

The RAO offers a clear picture of lodging occupancy, average daily rate (ADR) and RevPAR performance at the destination level. It displays data for the previous six months (historic actual) and the six months to come (based on reservations on-the-books) for both the current and prior year. The simple and straightforward presentation of the RAO allows for quick evaluation, helping you to fully understand guest booking patterns and better prepare for and react to forward-looking occupancy levels, rate and pacing.


Metrics that matter

Being able to anticipate future lodging performance for a destination is game changing and essential to making informed decisions on behalf of a destination. If you’re not using predictive analytics, you should be.

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Report Benefits


Evaluate past, present and future performance.


Understand both non-hotel and hotel property activity.


Track detailed destination wide lodging activity


Allows DMO’s to measure their marketing results.

Tax Revenue

Provides governments a way to project tax revenue.


A tool for planning better and examining strategies.

Sample RAO

Forward-looking data provides a “crystal ball” and shows occupancy and ADR for the upcoming 6 months. This also shows the previous 6 months for a year-round perspective of performance.