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School Break Report

Over 1,500 public school districts & colleges from around the nation

A priceless annual planning & strategy tool

The preliminary report is available in early April with the final available in June

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Some Benefits

Determine Rates Accurately

Maximize your seasonal potential by knowing exactly when it's appropriate to adjust rates.

Understand Vacation Trends

With graphical year-over-year comparisons of winter break, midwinter break and spring break vacation patterns as well as fall start and summer end dates you'll be better prepared for seasonal nuances.

Timed & Targeted Marketing

Understanding area school schedules allows you to promote more precisely.

Anticipate Peak Demand

From ramping up staff to managing inventory, there are plenty of ways this reports helps.

Report Overview

They say timing is everything and for families around the country, school breaks traditionally mean vacation time. For vacation destinations, school breaks must be carefully monitored since they usually correspond with more demand and subsequent visitation.

Our extensive database includes the exact dates of major school break periods across the country. We combine this broad geographic view into easy-to-read graphs highlighting the key times schools are out during the year, when they get out for the summer and return in the fall as well as how they’ve shifted from the previous year. In addition, each report comes with supporting tables with yearly enrollment and location (city/state) of each school district or college/university, helping you zero in on specific markets. Results are published in a preliminary view in April and full report in June.

$550* Preliminary Report (available in early April) + Final Report (in June)
$385* Final Report Only (in June)

*Final price is determined by distribution and number of business enities of purchaser

Over 1,000 Public School Districts & 500 Universities and Colleges

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A Revenue Manager’s Point of View

My job is to maximize my property’s revenue so it is essential to know when schools in my top markets will be on break for the upcoming season.  The School Break Report helps me identify travel patterns and maximize every day and unit possible

For example, last year Christmas fell on a Sunday, which caused dramatic changes in school breaks.  The School Break Report showed that 20 – 40% (depending on the day) more school districts would be off for the week after New Year’s and less schools would be on break during the week leading up to Christmas.  Instead ending my peak season rates just after New Year’s Day, like I did the prior year, I extended them through January 8th resulting in a higher ADR and a 20% increase in my RevPAR during that week.  I was also able to anticipate a decrease in occupancy for the week prior to Christmas.  I successfully targeted promotions to the markets that I knew were out of school then to help counter a potential decline in occupancy.  The School Break Report also helps with shifts in President’s Day and Easter. 

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